Monday, April 17, 2006

OK, one of my friends from back home messaged me on MSN yesterday. I was busy with homework and recovering from my hangover. I told her I would not be able to talk this week until Thursday night when I will have turned in my three assignments, an essay, and my organizational banquet was over.

You would think she would understand that. But, fu**king NOOOOOO!!! Seriously, is it that hard to understand? 3 assignments, an essay, and crap to do for our banquet = no free time for Mark. I told her I couldn't talk. So now, she decideds to message me on Skype. Like WTF? Are you that f**cking stupid. ARGH!!! I hate when people did stupid shi*t like that. If have some free time or feel like procrastinating, I will message you. Then I asked her, "see my msn name?" which reads "revising an essay" and status set to Busy. OK, enough b*itching, Mark...get back to work.


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