Thursday, April 20, 2006

Last night was the KPMG Success Dinner for all fulltime and intern hires at Zola's New World Bistro, the nicest restaurant here in State College/University Park. Since there were about 100 of us, they had to close the restaurant to the public! Seriously, you know you're working for someone kinda important when they can close a restaurant to the public for the ENTIRE night man! Some of us guessed it probably cost $10,000 which was confirmed by a KPMG recruiter. Yes, $10,000 divided by 100 people is $100/head.

Although, I was kind of disappointed. Instead of getting the menu like any other night, they made special menus where we could choose from 1 of 3 appetizers, entrees, and desserts. OK, maybe I'm spoiled and being rude, but I really wanted the Asian Calamari Salad again for my appetizer NOT the crab cakes (...hahaha). I also wanted filet mignon which wasn't one of the choices for entree. damn!

After dinner, they took us (for those over 21) to a bar and paid for our drinks! At dinner and Mad Mex, I spoke with Stephanie, a hot blond who will interning in Philly. I basically learned from her that she LOVES to party. Last school year, she claims that she partied 6 out of 7 nights, but this year she's "taking it easy." I could tell the 2nd year student sitting across from me was rather appalled by her drinking behaviour, but I also think he's a goodie-goodie that likes to study. At one point he said, "When I was in my room at 11:15 on Friday night, I could her all the girls heals clicking on the stairs." Seriously dude, get the f*ck out of your room. It's Friday night man! It's kind of funny because it seems like KPMG always hires students that are either HUGE party animals or those that don't drink at all and just like to chill at home and watch a movie or something but nothing in between. Sometimes I feel like I don't fit in because I'm one of the very few people "in between." Some nights I like to go out and party hard and other nights I just feel like staying in and watching a movie, but I'm not at the extremes.

Anyways, enough details. I rate the evening an 8 out 10 based on the food, drinks, and conversation.

BTW, prior to dinner, they had a reception aka drinking time. I tried buying a mojito, but they weren't serving liquor....BAH!!!

It was also funny seeing the former Philly recruiter after dinner ABSOLUTELY trashed which happens to be a recurring theme at Penn State/KPMG recruiting events. She fits into the "party animal" category.

Tonight, I have my organizational banquet...yippee (*slight sarcasm*). I will hopefully have details tomorrow, assuming I don't have a nasty hangover.


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