Saturday, May 06, 2006

Since I'm bored out of my f-ing mind, I figured I could occupy it by blogging.

I finished uni this past Monday. I only had two finals (this week, two last week). I can't believe it's all over. In three and a half months, I will be in the real world. I've considered just staying somewhere in Asia and never going back to the US...haha. I wish I could do that. Anyways, finals and the semester went well. I got two A's, one A-, and two B+'s which gave me a semester GPA of 3.70 and a cumulative GPA of 3.70...props to me. I will also be graduating with "distinction" since I will be graduating with at least a 3.69 cum. GPA. It's sorta the equivalent of graduating "cum laude" but if you're not in the honors college (like me), you cannot be given that honor...only distinction or high distinction or highest distinction. For me, it was just a pride thing graduating with distinction. I get nothing for it except for self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

I will be "walking" next Sunday, Mother's Day. Of course, they had to schedule graduation on Mother's Day so that our mothers will have 2x the amount of tears since we're graduating AND it's Mother's Day. Please send me mom a box of tissues.
In the meantime, I have to occupy myself for the next week. I've gone out the past couple of nights but like always that gets old and expensive. It's no where near to being like Melbourne where I actually enjoyed every night out except for those high drama nights...although I guess those moments made the nights unique. Anyways, I bought two books earlier this week. I bought "The World is Flat" by Thomas Friedman, a book about globalization and "The Smartest Guys in the Room" by Beth McLean and some other dude/chick, a book about the Enron scandal. I started reading The World is Flat, 50 pages thru, 450 more to go. I think I can finish it before graduation next Sunday.

Sooo yeah. That's about it in my unexciting life except for doing little things for my trip, for example, b*tching out Travelocity and making them accommodate me on a new domestic roundtrip flight.

I guess I can tell you about the start of my job too. I got an email yesterday from the KPMG recruiters about starting/training. You're definitely gonna be jealous after reading this. From 21 August until 31 August, I will be in Orlando, Florida at one of the Disney Resorts for my "Audit Fundamentals" training. Then, I fly back to Philly. Then, from 15 Septemeber until 19 September, I will be in Dallas, Texas ("Don't mess with Texas!") for Advisory training. Training is like a holiday, literally. Yes, you go to class, but you don't really pay attention. You have the nights to do whatever...aka go to the bars/clubs. And, our flights, hotel (extremely nice a $200 Marriott), and food are all paid for! So that's what I love, an easy first month of training and getting paid for it!



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