Saturday, August 12, 2006

FINALLY time for a post after some requests, namely Fang. I know I'm way overdue.

My new roommate, Justin, and I went to a nearby suburb (Manayunk) Thursday night. We met some fellow KPMG-er's at Kildare's (the bar). Apparently a girl Justin met at the Preakness (like the Kentucky Derby if you haven't heard) was at the same bar. So her and her friend came over. To make the situation even more interesting, the girl who works at our apartment pool as the lifeguard and presumably likes Justin was at the bar also.

So, the lifeguard's friend came over to talk to me as I think the lifeguard chick was talking to Justin. So this black girl and I are now talking for a few minutes and out of nowhere she tells me that I like Asian girls. I'm like WTF, how did you know, how can you tell, etc. etc. Before she gave me her reasoning, I explained my liking for Asian girls was a preference NOT a fetish. To my surprising, she actually understood because being a minority herself (an African-American), she prefers white guys.

So, she gave me four reasons why I appear to like Asian girls. The first two I agree with, the latter two I disagree with. You be the judge. The rundown:

1. I'm skinny.
2. I have dark hair.
3. I have a punk-ish kind of look. Apparently, she derived this from the FCUK shirt I was wearing. (Side note: the shirt got a lot of complements so I plan on wearing it a lot.)
4. I have an alternative look to myself also.

I was very surprised and found it quite hilarious that a total stranger was able to predict from my appearance that I liked Asian girls...who the hell would have thought?







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